Sociopathic President

November 30 2017 · 2 minute read · by NavJack27

I’ve been thought experimenting something today. I’m pretty sure that Trump is eliminating everyone who has badmouthed him. He’s doing it in a very interesting way too.

There have been so many people since he was elected that have been accused of sexual harassment and have lost their jobs in the entertainment industry. I’m not taking sides in this discussion, these are all just thoughts okay. Its not far fetched to think that Trump has connections to sorts of intel agencies outside of the government that he is using to approach victims of people who have bad mouthed him to assure them that if they go forward with accusations that they will be compensated and or taken care of safely. All you need is one or two of these to be directed by Trump and then you will start to get other genuine, not connected to Trump, victims coming forward. Once those non-connected people come forward with their own accusations on other people that is now essentially noise which will make it harder to connect any dots to Trump.

I really wouldn’t put it past him to do this at all and I’m sure that is exactly what is going on every time he does something outlandish or is trying to pass something in office… anything… distraction.

Another interesting thing about that is that the left will eat it up. Its progress! Down with sexual abuse #metoo ya know? So, if you try to argue that this might be the case then you will get some people who are just like “these are real victims, how dare you belittle the situations.” When those people don’t see the bigger picture of distraction.

Do whatever ya want with this… see ya!