Frustrated Rant

February 26 2018 · 3 minute read · by NavJack27

I need to yell into the abyss for a sec here. I’m a semi regular visitor to but the reason for this being semi is that I’ve been growing unable to deal with misinformation and stupidity. The 8700k thread is quite literally the worst thing. There might be some gems hidden in those pages, but I’ll be darned if you’ll be able to get through the trash to find em. I know, I know, I’m not really being accepting of possible new computer users asking the same questions we all did back when we started. I don’t have the patience. I didn’t ask those questions back in the day. I fucked around over and over toggling settings and breaking things to figure everything out. Once I had Google to back me up I didn’t waste my time talking and asking, I just asked Google if I was desperate.

It’s not just the newbies that are bothersome it’s also the more senior of us which appear to be ignorant or set in old ways of thinking OR thinking that facts are fake and doing some new thing that isn’t backed by evidence and review. I don’t care if I come across as egotistical mainly by the fact that with most stuff I’m either right or I’ll admit I don’t know.

This really is just an unfiltered rant. I’m just a little annoyed that the enjoyment of my hobby is encumbered by my frustration of other humans. But there truly was a time where on a computer enthusiast forum everyone would be smart and not what ever the fuck this is that I’m observing. Is it the political climate turning people’s critical thinking skills to mush? There is just so much going on that I hope I’m not the only one seeing. We have tech review outlets that are just whores for the money. Get out the review of the thing and never follow up with a couple month after retrospective to see how things settled out. Everybody keeps their secret review sauce private. A proper review should be able to be peer reviewed. Not only that but knowledge shouldn’t be kept; it should be shared! That’s what I attempt to do with my articles when applicable.

From this point on I’m going to release my website review articles along with LaTEX white paper styled PDFs that have, as detailed as I can muster, references and citations to where I found out a thing that I learned to do a thing. Any formulae I used to calculate a setting, if applicable, will also be shown and explained. The spreadsheets used to create the graphs will also be downloadable to anyone that wants them.

My mark upon this Earth shouldn’t just be my critique of hardware. I feel the need to also inform and educate other fellow enthusiasts so we all can be on an even level.