Far Cry 5 General Review

April 30 2018 · 3 minute read · by NavJack27

Hope county Montana has been taken over by a cult and it’s your mission to put an end to it.

Throughout your mission you will encounter a lively cast of characters. On the antagonistic side we have Joseph Seed and his family of misfits. The allied cast is pretty much the entire Hope county population that hasn’t been recruited to the cult. After the intro sequence you are thrust right into action in a chase sequence with your US Marshall counterpart. The chase ends in a crash and your buddy is taken away with one of the cultists saying “This one needs a little Faith… Take him to the Pilgrimage.” And you being taken in by a man known as Dutch. Dutch breaks it all down for you in very simple terms and he unleashes you onto hope county. Now begins your mission to take over the starter region. You learn the mechanics of taking over control by doing various tasks. Remove enemies from outposts, destroy shrines, rescue civilians and complete varied missions. You also find out how valuable prepper caches and other strewn about resources are. The sandbox of this world is filled with seemingly random encounters that interact with one another in a very satisfying way. Little hits of dopamine at every turn, at least until the game decides you’ve gained enough resistance points to force you into an inescapable cutscene. Believe me I’ve tried to do some crazy stuff to avoid them, you pretty much can’t. But we aren’t there yet in terms of timeline in this review, be patient and I’ll cover it all for you. As you rescue back your first big town you should feel a sense of community. The people in Hope county are a regular bunch, “normal ass people”. The pastor is a classic pulp film character in a strange way, justice against the cult with bullets. Hides a gun in his bible. That’s a big narrative attempt in this game, they are really trying to get you attached to this town and while doing that they lighten the mood of killing and cults with some dark humor and “teenage” humor. But don’t let anyone try to tell you that the story is ignorable in some way, its good, its 25 hours good if you just play to finish it as soon as possible. Gameplay is the reason we play games, right? Well, this is where the game shines. Gun mechanics and maneuverability are top notch, and nothing feels off in any way. If you are a stealth kind of player, then you can take that approach. If you like going in guns blazing, that works too. The only place where this falls apart are the scripted missions. There are multiple situations that I’ve gotten myself into where difficulty setting didn’t change a damn thing and reloading before the mission was my only hope. Now I’ve only played in single player mode and have nothing to say about the co-op mode but I’m sure that would be way better then the slightly braindead AI companions. But in general, expect to die a lot and remind yourself that it’s a game and you have unlimited lives. All in all, this is another great entry in the Far Cry series. You like sandboxes? You want a decent story that will help drive your actions? Perfect! I’ll see you in Hope county! Check out my next article on Far Cry 5 where I’ll dive in to other aspects of this game like the story or the characters or the parts of the game where I DO have a lot of issues with like certain missions. COMING SOON