Computer Expert Asshole

October 30 2017 · 2 minute read · by NavJack27

When I post on forums I try my hardest to only post in places where my knowledge belongs but ask questions in places where I know I am lacking. First hand data of my own almost always takes precedent over others data when it comes to computer benchmarks and the like. I have a good instinct at this point which could also help me extrapolate on if a test result is meaningful to a workload or game I’d be running. If all of this sounds like very complicated ways of explaining very simple concepts then you are right.

But there is this new type of person that I’m noticing more and more on forums I visit that just seems like they are skeptical of everything but espouse themselves as enlightened because they know the different logical fallacies one can make in casual discourse online. They will call into question your opinion even if your original intent of stating said opinion wasn’t to sway anyone and was just to inform. You can’t get mad at these people either because then you will get called out for personal attacks. It’s a zero-sum game once these people join in a conversation and any attempt to try to put the conversation back on the rails will eventually get derailed again by them.

I’m not sure if they are trolls of some sort

I’m not sure if they are mentally ill, I mean, I am but I’m not an asshole

I don’t know if they are like Trump supporters coming out of the woodwork who are all anti any media and that is where their massive levels of skepticism come from

It honestly doesn’t matter I just need to avoid them and not engage with them at all. It’s hard, they are everywhere. If any of you are this person and are reading this I bet, you are thinking “Oh man this guy is really triggered!”.

Fuck off!