Can Microsoft Attempt to be Google?

June 04 2018 · 1 minute read · by NavJack27

So, Microsoft did a very interesting thing recently. They acquired GitHub. This got me thinking a little bit about what Microsoft is. Earlier in their life one wouldn’t call Microsoft the kindest to open-source software. I’m sure modern Microsoft is very aware of this fact and this is part of something I’d like to call the Googling attempt. Google has loads of devs and loads of policies where employees go off and help non-Google projects. Microsoft has been pushing Windows subsystem for Linux and I don’t know, maybe more things too. I totally believe that Microsoft would like to fix that old image problem because it honestly isn’t them anymore. The issue with this is that, well, Microsoft is still Microsoft. They have money, they have projects that would like to be “open source” of sort I guess, but they don’t have a place like GitHub. Buying a nice place like that would brute force themselves into a position. To Microsoft, whatever that position is would be totally up to the public and not dictated firsthand.