A Little Bit About Myself Part 3

March 12 2018 · 3 minute read · by NavJack27


Hey there reader! My name is Jack and I’m the writer of this blog-journal-thing. I wanted to be able to share more about myself so that’s what I’m going to do here. This is going to be part 3 of this journey I’ve been on to get where I am today. Please check out the previous parts if you haven’t already. Part 1 and Part 2

Insanity Continues

My father through all of this was a saint for the most part. He never hit her back when she attacked him. He would try to get away but she would block his way physically. He wanted all this to stop so much that he attempted suicide by overdose multiple times. I was first hand witness to this every single time except once. That one time I missed was when I was living with my older sister Nikki. I was living there because she wanted me to get away from all the insanity at home. I got a call from him or he just called her house and was extremely out of it. He was driving his car someplace and he crashed it into a sign at a state park. He wasn’t injured from the crash at all thank goodness. But this overdose was different, you could tell he just didn’t give a fuck anymore due to what he took. His previous overdoses were just on benzodiazepines that he was prescribed but this one he overdosed on his anti-depressant medication. He was talking about how he was seeing colors everywhere and how everything was starting to hurt but then he’d just go into laughter and then cry… I’m just not going to write anymore about this, I can’t handle it man. Its fucked up.


Luckily, he is still alive today. He’s doing a lot better these days and we help keep each other sane. My mother on the other hand was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer in 2010. At that point in my life I’d just graduated from high school in 2007 and when that happened my parents decided to move to Arizona. I’ll touch more on that in a bit and why the date of my graduation doesn’t seem to line up. There is just too much in between this point and where I last left off chronology.

I just wanted to get part 3 out in whatever form it has been in since I last touched this document. I’m not going to commit to writing more because its confusing and hard mentally and emotionally but at the same time don’t count out a part 4 which will focus on my first marriage.